Eat Dirt

Found a piece of candy on the floor and I couldn’t resist but taste it

Momma wanted to smack me and that’s when I made up my mind and I ate it

and I have to admit it tasted better than the ones in the kitchen cupboard

Every night I’d look out the bedroom window and wonder what it’s like to run away

Daddy told me he would hit me if I did it so I made up my mind and I ran away

and I have to admit it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be

What doesn’t kill you makes you sick

and if you’re sick you learned a lesson

and with every lesson you get wiser

So I figure that it pays to cross the line

and eat a little dirt sometimes

I found a book about mystical things but momma said it’s against our religion

So late at night I’d read it anyways and that was the last time I asked for permission

and I have to admit that I don’t regret telling her lies cuz it opened my eyes

I won’t let my years go to waste living in a cage

this prodigal child will always stray

I got over the stomach ache

wiped the mud off my face cuz this world belongs to the brave


  1. Very interesting lyric there. It’s really a tiny slice of a “coming of age” type scenario. We’ve all done those things, and you put it quite well into words. I’ll admit – I’ve eaten dirt. I used to lick my forefinger’s top part (the fingerprint), and touch the dirt, and then taste it. Thank God I wasn’t the only kid to have ever done that! haha It’ll be interesting to hear all this in music form.

  2. i love this song it gave me hope

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